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A 2 Week FUN!raising Recycling Awareness Exhibit.
Along Lazaro Cardenas starting from DeCameron to the Foot bridge
December 19 - January 2nd

The community, businesses & organizations are invited to create innovative Christmas trees of any size using plastic bottles and/or glass bottles.

Businesses not located on Lazaro Cardenas are encouraged to team up with their fellow business owners and display their trees too! Promote yourself. We welcome you. Everyone votes for their favourite Recycled Tree with pesos in a donation box. The tree with the most pesos collected, WINS the "BEST DRESSED TREE " title. More importantly the communities various charities win.

Contact Floydilou to enter at   BuceriasArt(at)gmail.com

At the Catholic CHurch, Bucerias plaza, until December 22
Nuestra Señora de la Paz, Catholic church in #Bucerías is collecting toys and clothes for the kids posada. Will be next dec. 22. You can leave your donations in the church (Main Plaza) or at Manta Cafe Bucerias (Heroe de nacozari 122) Thank you!
From Pita Hache

ONGOING from Amigos de Bucerias
Just to remind you: we have the wheelchair, crutches, walker and THE seat (all sanitised after every use) available for anyone who needs them on a short term loan - ie, if you are on vacation etc...There is no set charge, it is entirely up to your discretion for a donation - which will be used towards purchasing more equipment. We welcome assisting our neighbours of all nationalities, please let us know if you know someone who needs short term help (maximum one year). We are hoping to soon have more wheelchairs available when we will be able to extend that time frame... watch this space.

From  Ronnie Barker, Amigos de Bucerias

JD TOURS “NYE Party on the Bay and the John Ozzello Memorial Food Bank

 This year, JD Tours will also be donating $100 peso per ticket sold to the John Ozzello Memorial Food Bank!
JD tours will once again be hosting the NYE “Party on the Bay”.  This year, the boat that has been rented is the SHAMBALLA which is a double decker catamaran.

The boat will be leaving the Paradise Village Marina in Nuevo Vallarta at 8:00pm TUESDAY December 31, 2013 and will be returning at around 1:00am on WEDNESDAY January 1, 2014.

Come and ring in the New Year with us!  There will be a live band, open bar, appetizers, door prizes, dancing, with a grand prize for a free Dolphin experience.  You will enjoy the fireworks from around the bay while drinking and dancing with your friends.  All of this for only $600 peso or $50USD per ticket!

 Not only will you have a terrific night out, you will also be helping to support the needy in our area.

To purchase tickets you can call Jordan or Xavi at: cell phone 322-205-0556 or 322-109-1658 or email: jdtours.bucerias@gmail.com or stop by the office on L. Cardeñas at the Costa Dorada condo complex.

authored by Guylaine Gignac

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Traditions in Mexico, “Las Posadas”?


Traditionally, Mexican posadas are religious celebrations that begin on the 16th of December and ends on Christmas Eve.  These festivities symbolizes the pilgrimage that Mary and Joseph made as they were looking for lodging and awaiting the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem.  Record of the first posada goes back to the 16th century!

Neighbors commemorate together by strolling the streets of their neighborhood.   They carol, pray and knock on doors asking for a room.  An important tradition is the smashing of the Piñata, which represents the destruction of evil; the seven points of the Piñata represent capital sins. The nine days of festivities stand for for the nine months of Mary’s 
authored by Guylaine Gignac 

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The Beetle 3-track - Gang of Rhythm (Walk Off The Earth) | Volkswagen


Wonderful Canadian Band!



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Brittany Kingery, Bucerias "Treasures" song, available!

A wonderful and successful musician adopted Bucerias as her home away from the demands of tours!
So talented and generous Brittany is donating the proceeds of "Treasures" to a great cause. Enjoy her fabulous music!

This CD is for sale with all proceeds being donated to the John Ozzello Memorial Food Bank. If anyone would like to purchase a copy for only $80 pesos, please email rsnystrom@hotmail.com


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Los Amores development in Bucerias, Mexico! Brand new units in Los Amores 2 for $125K

Homes for sale in Bucerias

Los Amores and Terralta developments in Bucerias! 

Special brand new units for $ 125K in Los Amores 2!

Terralta is only a 5 to 10 minute walk to Bucerias beach no matter where you are. It is made up of 4 different complexes. Terralta 1 is probably the farthest from the beach but almost directly east of the town center making it the closest to "el centro".  Terralta 2 is a bit closer to the beach, has no pool.   Terralta 1 & 2  offer some very affordable vacation options. 
Terralta 3 is the newest along with Los Amores developments and both have pools. Los Amores is closer to the beach with more upscale property and costs more; starting about $150,000 for 2nd phase and up. Terralta 3 is made up of  4 clusters each with their own pools and is a blend of Mexican, Canadians, Americans residents; some full time and many absentee owners. There are a number of good rentals ranging from 700 per week to 1500 per month for the high season months(Dec. to April) for 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths all equipped and furnished.   Homes for sale vary in price from $65,000 and up in Terralta 1& 2 to $119,000 in Terralta 3.   Los Amores units range from $148 000 to $ 169 000.

Bienvenidos real estate is your resident expert for real estate in Terralta and Los Amores. We live here and we know the market. Call us first!  Have a look at the following units in Los Amores!
Los Amores 77

Los Amores 47

Los Amores 50


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A home to house your dreams in Bucerias, Mexico!: How to legalize your imported vehicle in Mexico?

A home to house your dreams in Bucerias, Mexico!: How to legalize your imported vehicle in Mexico?: How to legalize your imported vehicle in Mexico? Legalizing your imported car in Mexico, is your car worth it? First the...

How to legalize your imported vehicle in Mexico?

How to legalize your imported vehicle in Mexico?

Legalizing your imported car in Mexico, is your car worth it?

First the car that you brought from the US or Canada must meet two requirements; the vehicle must be 2007 and older and must be built or assembled in North America thus meeting the NAFTA agreement between the US, Canada and Mexico.

Secondly, finding an honest and reliable representative to import the car without asking for funds upfront can be hazardous!  We highly recommend Oscar Fco.  Angulo.  Here is his contact info:  LIC. Oscar Fco. Angulo.
                                                                                               AnCo Comercializadora.
                                                                                              Tel: 631-31-52571

                                                                                              Cel Mex 045 6311201015.
                                                                                              Cel Usa  520 841 6797 

Oscar will need copies of your driver’s license, any photo id. (Passport), copy of your car registration, photo of the VIN, and a copy of your electrical or telephone bill to establish your current residence. These documents can be emailed to Oscar at ancomercial@hotmail.com.  Oscar will start the legalization process and he will have the documents ready for you within 48 hours.  Oscar works at the Nogales border. 

At kilometer 21, Nogales, Mexico you will stop at Administracion General de Aduanas to remit your TIP (temporary import permit), your car info will be removed from the database.  Ensure you keep the Banjercito receipt, which is proof that your vehicle has been taken out of the country legally.  There they make a first physical inspection to verify and take a photo of the VIN.  Upon returning your TIP sticker, you will meet with Oscar across the highway at the Immigration and Importation building, he will guide you up the road to SAT (Aduana) or Customs.   At the SAT office, you will provide the original registration title of the vehicle and the “pedimento”, form containing legal information about the car  (this was prepared in advance by Oscar).

Officials will then review the documents and issue a blue sticker which is your car importation sticker (Registro Publico Vehicular) and at this point you will not stick it on your windshield!   After this you will drive further south for another 500 meters where a vehicle inspection will be done, matching and taking more photos of the VIN.  They will issue a stamped document that confirms that your car was inspected and is free of liens.   This inspection costs $ 59.94 USD.  It is at that point that you affix the Mexican importation sticker on the window.

You will then return to kilometer 21 with your “pedimiento form” and the vehicle inspection document where officials will review it and issue a stamp stating “cumplido” fulfilled.  Then you return to the broker’s office, which in this case was AutoTrack importation they will issue a receipt showing a break down of the fees charged.  Verify that your name is spelled correctly, and the address matches your physical address in Mexico. 

The process is vey easy and took approximately 45 minutes so it really depends how busy the border is!  I would not recommend legalizing your imported car at the height of the snowbirds’ invasion.

Legalizing your imported car in Mexico, getting your Mexican plates!

We live in Bucerias, Nayarit so we needed to go to Tepic at the Palacio del Gobierno to get a free document stating that they reviewed the import petition (Revision de pedimento de importacion).  You need three photocopies of the documents you received and the originals in order to proceed with this.  The (Direccion General del Ingresos) office is located on the second floor, and the contact person is Sergio.  This will take at least 8 days to obtain this (tramite) document.  Going to Tepic is time consuming!  We later found out that Tonio, which we met at the government office and later in San Vicente, can process your document in Tepic for 700 pesos.  He speaks English and lives in Mezcales.  We have not used him but it would be worth hiring him!  Tonio's contact is 322 278 9052

Finally!  You are ready to go on to the registration office in San Vicente where your vehicle will be inspected again; a pink slip will be issued.  You wont be able to register your car without it!  The contact person is Isidro; call him ahead of time to ensure that he is not busy.  His contact is 322 156 9748.  He will take imprints of the VIN and call the federal police to ensure that your vehicle is not stolen and is no longer a temporary imported car showing up in the Mexican database. 
We obtained our plates for 1200 pesos, plates must be replaced every three years and tenancy “registration fee” was 300 pesos, which is paid yearly.

Buyers beware!

You can’t legalize an imported car without driving it to the border although some have claimed to do it successfully.   We do know from one report that Oscar was able to legalize an ex-pat vehicle by picking it up in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, driving it to the border to legalize it and then returning it to the owner in Mazatlan.   Really, if this could be done any other way, why would a  custom broker go through all this trouble to do this?

Unfortunately expats are being taken advantage and pay excessive amounts of dollars to imposters to cut corners.  Some may be getting Mexican plates from another Mexican state where they do not reside for a fee, but they are only buying time, future will tell when renewal comes up?  Our plates match our names and our legal address in Mexico.  Yes, It is a lengthy process but it is the legal way of doing business. 

Total cost to legalize our vehicle was $1 100 USD.  It was well worth our peace of mind!

This is how we legalized our foreign plated car in Mexico!


 authored by Guylaine Gignac

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Invest in Mexico!

Real Estate in Mexico; Riviera Nayarit


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A home to house your dreams in Bucerias, Mexico!: Seven Month Absence in a Calendar Year for Canadia...

A home to house your dreams in Bucerias, Mexico!: Seven Month Absence in a Calendar Year for Canadia...: Snow Birds from British Columbia, Canada will be able to stay out of the province for 7 month absence without loosing their Medical Plan co...

Seven Month Absence in a Calendar Year for Canadian Longer Term Vacationers!

Snow Birds from British Columbia, Canada will be able to stay out of the province for 7 month absence without loosing their Medical Plan coverage!

 Here is the full FAQ's sheet from the government of British Columbia!

FAQs – Seven Month Absence in a Calendar Year for Longer Term Vacationers
Amendments have been made to the maximum period of time a resident can stay out of the province and continue to maintain Medical Services Plan (MSP) coverage. This change allows B.C. residents who are outside Canada for vacation purposes for six months, to have an additional one month absence per calendar year for a total of up to seven months and still remain eligible for MSP coverage.
1. Why has government made this change?
Within B.C., a small portion of the population regularly leaves the country for the winter months. This often amounts to up to six months of absence from the province in a calendar year, which can have implications for maintaining eligibility for MSP coverage if those individuals choose to leave B.C. at any other time during the rest of the year. Typically, these individuals are retired, continue to maintain a residence in B.C. and pay health care premiums and income taxes here.
2. Who is eligible to take advantage of this additional one month absence in a calendar year?
Long term vacationers who are deemed residents are eligible. To be deemed a resident, you must meet the following conditions: You must not establish residency outside of B.C.; and, You must continue to meet the other requirements of residency, specifically that you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and continue to make your home in B.C.
3. Who can I contact to find out if I am eligible to take advantage of this additional one month absence in a calendar year?
You should contact Health Insurance BC to determine your eligibility for the absence.
4. I am currently outside of B.C. – can this absence be applied retroactively?
Yes. The change is effective January 1, 2013.
5. Do I have to take the seven month absence all at once in a calendar year?
No. Eligible vacationing residents may be absent for a total of up to seven months per calendar year. The seven months may be taken all at once or split between separate absences in a calendar year, provided your total absence does not exceed seven months in a calendar year.
6. Is there an age restriction to be eligible for this additional one month absence in a calendar year?
No. There is no age restriction. However, this additional one month absence from B.C. must be for vacation purposes only.
7. Am I still eligible for an extended absence of up to 24 consecutive months if I have taken advantage of the additional one month absence in a calendar year?
You may be eligible to take an extended absence of up to 24 consecutive months provided you continue to maintain your home in B.C. and you have been physically present in Canada for six of the twelve months immediately preceding departure. In addition, you must not have taken advantage of the additional one month absence during the year your extended absence begins or during the calendar year prior to your departure.
Approval is limited to once every five years for an absence of up 24 consecutive months.
8. Does this additional one month absence in a calendar year impact my eligibility for other health benefits?
No. Eligibility for health benefits is not impacted.
9. Can I take advantage of the additional one month absence in a calendar year to work as a missionary, as I will not be employed or receiving an income?
No. The additional one month absence applies to vacationers only.
10. Can I take advantage of the additional one month absence in a calendar year for work or study purposes?
No. The additional one month absence applies to vacationers only. 



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Home for sale in La Penita!

Home for sale in La Penita de Jaltemba, Nayarit

La Penita is located 44 km north of Bucerias (64 km from Puerto Vallarta) , on highway 200.  The town counts approximately 8000 people.  La Penita is the business center of the surrounding small towns nearby.  It offers many services such as a bank, a money exchange, a private hospital, restaurants and dental offices. La Penita provides for locals and tourists amazing shopping in town or at the popular Thursday market (Tjianguis).

It has become a preferred destination for snow birds as the cost of living is lower than Puerto Vallarta making the housing market a reality for Canadians and Americans.

Now reduced to $89 900, located 3 blocks from the main Avenida and 3 blocks from the beach and the under construction malecon!


authored by Guylaine Gignac

Saturday, June 15, 2013

How will the rental market in the US affect our real estate market in Mexico?

According to the realtormag online, renters may grow by 6 million in the next decade.

Will the incessant baby boomers be renting or investing in Mexico during the freezing winter months NOTB?
Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit area has proven to be affordable for the budget minded retirees.  They find the area to have very good health care, safe and easily accessed by air.

So who will be buying a condo or a home in Mexico to secure their home in the sun and to take advantage of the rising rental market?

  authored by Guylaine Gignac

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Condos for sale in Bucerias, Mexico!

Condos for sale in Bucerias

Condos for sale in Bucerias Bucerias, or (place of divers) is strategically located only 20 minutes from the airport at Puerto Vallarta. It is experiencing phenomenal growth as are most areas around Banderas Bay. Once a sleepy little fishing village, the town now boasts luxury condos, gourmet restaurants, resorts, big chain stores and quick access to Punta Mita, Sayulita and La Cruz Huanacaxtle which are all having building booms of their own. Some of the nicest beaches in the whole Banderas Beach area are located here as well as a great golf course.  
Playas de Huanacaxtle neighborhood is located in the north part of town.  Many condos are beachfront  or steps from the beach; it is easy walking distance to town plaza,  palapa restaurants and the popular tjanguis.  

Vento is a small beachfront complex located in a quiet neigborhood on a cul de sac.  Vento counts 22 units, offers 24 hours security and secured parking.

Villa del Sol penthouse has been entirely renovated. This condo boasts stunning views of the bay and is steps from the beach. Ready to move in and turnkey. Enjoy the sunsets on the roof top terrace or on your spacious deck. This complex has only 8 units. It offers low condo fees which includes water, gas, weekly maid service and ground keeper. The building has been recently painted!

Punta Arena Complex, the Beverly Hills of Bucerias.  A rare gem, a luxurious 2 story penthouse,  beachfront in the Golden Zone or Zona Dorada.  This part of town abounds with art galleries, boutiques and award winning restaurants such as Mark's Bar and Grill.  This amazing unit offers top of the line appliances, furniture and components.  Suite 6B counts 3 481 sq.ft is turn key ready to generate important income or move right in.

Luxurious penthouse in the Punta Arena complex in Bucerias. Suite 6C is a beautifully appointed home with high end furnishings and art. The main floor features 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a den as well as an epicurean's delight kitchen with granite counter-tops and top of the line appliances. The living room and dining room as well as main downstairs bedroom opens up out on to oceanfront patios with exceptional views. The upper level has a master bedroom with ensuite and an outdoor palapa covered lounging and barbecue area with Jacuzzi and views all the way to Vallarta. The project has an infinity pool, gym and the unit comes with a parking space and deeded storage area, Punta Arena is the best located high end project in Bucerias and has high demand for rentals.

On a smaller scale in the same complex but just as luxurious, a 2 bedroom/ 2 bathroom corner unit. Rarely available 2 bedroom, 2 bath luxurious corner unit. This unit has an excellent rental record.  Walking distance to fine dining and night life.  Enjoy the infinity pool, onsite gym and entertain family and friends at the poolside clubhouse.  THe condo comes fully furnished and is ready to move in.

Find amazing condos or homes in Bucerias

 For more properties in Bucerias

By Guylaine Gignac

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summary of closed listings for Riviera Nayarit!

Sales of condo and houses from January 2013 till June 7th, 2013!

Information was gathered on FLEXMLS.  This was  provided by real estate brokers and agents. It does not include private sales, sales on Vallarta Mls or  any sales not reported on FLEXMLS.

Riviera Nayarit:  Nuevo Vallarta to La Penita de Jaltemba

Condo sales:  24 closed

Low, average, median and high comparisons

Low                         $98 000
Average                 $284 488
Median                  $237 232
High                   $1 225 000

Average days on the market 296
Avg. sold $ total sq.ft 153.98

Houses:  18 closed

Low, average, median and high comparisons

Low                         $36 000
Average                  $560 694
Median                   $307 500
High                    $2 425 000

Average days on the market 344
Avg. sold $ total sq. ft 149.76

Another interesting link that allows to compare cost of living between 2 chosen cities.

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To brand or not to brand!

Well it's been over a week since my last post, I was too busy enjoying my life here in Mexico.

There is not enough time in a day or will there be in a life time to accomplish my projects but I always seem to find a window of opportunity to be entertained.

Three businesses really highlighted my week because they stand apart from the other competitors. They defined themselves because of who they are, what they do and how they do it for me.  They leave an impression and they are the ones that come on top and these are my referrals for this entry:

I recommend the Signature Swim with the dolphins!!

Cross fit Bucerias

After all work and play, experience a lovely dinner in an enchanted setting marked by professional service and amazing food!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Generational marketing! Selling and buying properties in Mexico.

 This post is an excerpt from a course called "Understanding Generational Marketing", at point2 university.

Although many resources define the years a little differently, usually a few years before or after the ones defined here, these year ranges are a good indicator of the dominant generational groups:
Traditionalists - born 1925-1945
Baby Boomers - born 1945-1964
Gen X - born 1965-1980
Gen Y - born 1981-2000
Gen Z - born 2001 and after

Traditionalists also called Civics

Born in the years 1925-1945, Traditionalists are currently in the "golden years" of their lives, although they still comprise a dominant force in the real estate market.  They may be looking to downgrade to a smaller home, move to a retirement community, invest in a property closer to family or hobbies, or may even be looking to expand their home size to accommodate family who have decided to move in with them!

Baby Boomers

Born during the years of 1946-1964, members of this generation are called Baby Boomers due to a large increase of babies being born post-WWII when the economy was on the upswing, traditional family units were having more kids, and things were hopeful in society.

Gen X

Generation X (1965-1980) is comprised of individuals born between 1965-1980.  This group is sometimes known as Baby Busters, as the previous baby boom decreased and families were getting smaller due to both parents working, decreases in overall societal prosperity, and the standard of living increasing in cost.

Gen Y

Generation Y (1981-2000) is a key part of the real estate market right now, as they are purchasing homes, growing families, or looking for change.

Gen Z also called the millennium  generation

Generation Z (2001 and beyond) are too young for the marketplace right now, but don't underestimate their power during the sales cycle!

Each group has particular life experiences, characteristics and traits which makes marketing and selling very specific.  How we approach, market to, and sell each of these groups will differ, dependent on what they are expecting and needing from us as real estate professionals.


Saturday, May 25, 2013

NEWS release!! There is a new gym, Cross Fit in Bucerias!

The gym is now open you can call them and have 2 free orientation sessions.
haz tu cita! (329) 298.0426
Tienes 2 clases gratis

Calmecacrossfit Bahía de Banderas
Location on Lazaro Cardenas, zona dorada between Sweet Things and Karens' place, same side as Sweet Things!


Today's workout was on the beach in front of Karen's place.

The circuit was a mix of  strength, resistance and cardios  interval bursts!
Great feeling of accomplishment!

What is crossit? Is there a crossfit gym in Bucerias? Puerto Vallarta?

Here is an article that describes best what is crossfit?


By Greg Glassman
April 01, 2002
PDF Article
CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program. We have designed our program to elicit as broad an adaptational response as possible. CrossFit is not a specialized fitness program but a deliberate attempt to optimize physical competence in each of ten recognized fitness domains. They are Cardiovascular and Respiratory endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy.

Friday, May 24, 2013

How much are the property taxes in Mexico?

Property taxes in Mexico are called predial and are paid annually.  The earliest in the year the better in order to receive a discount and to avoid penalties.  The property taxes in Mexico are extremely low for example  122 sq.m. condo located in Bucerias, Nayarit will have property taxes equivalent to $60 cad.


Property taxes represents .06% of the assessed value for private residences.  The assessed value is determined at the time of the sale.

Monday, May 20, 2013